Families Together Building Solutions

Families Together Building Solutions

The Families Together Building Solutions program is a home-based program that works with families who are experiencing issues related to child and family well-being. Issues could be related to housing, parenting skills, substance abuse and other concerns that could harm the safety of members of the family. Preventative in nature, the program works with families to determine solutions so families can remain safely together in their home.

Designed for families who could benefit from less intensive interaction, these services are delivered over a several month period. The family works collaboratively with Wellspring Lutheran Services to achieve specific goals that will resolve their challenges. Currently, Wellspring offers two FTBS programs in Saginaw and Kent County.


Wellspring Lutheran Services provides the FTBS Pathways to Potential program in Saginaw. In this unique program, families are referred to work with the program through a DHS Success Coach who works at the local public school. Success coaches identify families in need of support and call Wellspring to make a referral to the FTBS program. A Wellspring Lutheran Services employee will meet the family at their home within three days of the referral to gain an understanding of the family and begin a partnership of working together.

Kent County

Wellspring Lutheran Services is one of two providers of the FTBS Program in Kent County. Referred into the program by Child Protective Services, or a foster care or adoption worker, a Wellspring employee will meet the family at their home within three days of referral to understand the family and begin a partnership of working together.

What can you expect from the program?

Families can expect a strength-based and solution-focused approach from Wellspring Lutheran Services. This means Wellspring staff members are not coming to the home to identify and focus on problems or mistakes. Instead, the Wellspring staff member works with the families to use the family's many strengths to solve the challenges they are facing. Parents know their family best, which is why Wellspring will partner with the parent(s) to identify goals.

Wellspring will engage with families and be available after hours and on weekend/holidays when needed. The content of home visits vary depending on the needs of the family and might center around counseling, teaching behavior management, communication skills or budgeting skills, transporting and accompanying the client to appointments, supporting the family at school meetings, assisting the family with home organization or helping the family to locate housing. Families are usually given tasks to complete (practice skills, chart behavior improvements, schedule appointments) between visits to maintain their progress.

The FTBS Program:

  • Works with families in their own home
  • Focuses on solutions to a family's challenges
  • Emphasizes and supports a family's strengths
  • Has staff available 24/7 if a crisis occurs with the family
  • Will work with families in evenings or weekends when necessary
  • Provides service to the family for ninety (90) days. The FTBS Direct Worker shall average not less than three (3) hours of face-to-face contact per family, per week, during the period of the intervention, not to exceed a total of one hundred eighty (180) days of service.


If you have questions regarding the Families Together Building Solutions program at Wellspring Lutheran Services, please contact one of these locations or email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

5293 Colony Drive, Suite B
Saginaw, MI 48638
Phone: 989.249.8658
Fax: 989.249.8807

Kent County
1715 Sutherland Dr SE
Kentwood, MI 49508
Phone: 616.281.4601
Fax: 616.281.4696