Is a Geriatric Care Manager Right for You?

Caring for an aging family member or friend can become overwhelming. If any of these scenarios seem familiar, you may want to hire a Wellspring Lutheran Services geriatric care manager:

  • Your elder family member lives alone and is refusing help.
  • You have noticed changes in memory or function and are unable to get your family member to see a doctor.
  • Your family member has been given the diagnosis of dementia and you need help with developing a care plan.
  • You have no idea how you will pay for your aging parent's care or begin to manage their responsibilities.
  • You live in another town or state and you want someone to look after your elderly relative.
  • You or your family member has a chronic disease that requires a great deal of health services.
  • Your family member/you are not happy with the care being provided in the current living environment.
  • Your family member seems anxious, depressed or has had a change in personality.
  • A source of conflict exists regarding treatment or care.
  • You need information from someone who specializes in chronic disease or memory disorders.