Safe in Touch

Keeping you connected

Wellspring Lutheran Services offers Safe-In-Touch, a suite of services including medication management, health monitoring and home activity monitoring that helps seniors maintain independence and comfortably remain in their own homes. It's the solution you need to monitor their condition and be assured they continue to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Medication Management: The right medicine and dose, all at the right time every day

Wellspring Lutheran Services' in-home medication management solution eases the stress of monitoring and following complex prescription regimes. Working with your physician and pharmacist, medication is coordinated by a Wellspring Lutheran Services nurse who comes to your home, reviews prescriptions, fills the dispenser and then checks regularly to make certain the medication is taken properly.

TeleHealth: It's almost like having a live-in nurse

Just five minutes a day can ensure reliable monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, weight change, glucose and oxygen levels, and more. After answering a series of questions related to their symptoms, clients are guided through the vital sign data collection. Once the patient audibly answers the questions, data is transmitted to the Wellspring Lutheran Services office, where our professional clinicians, in consultation with the client's physician, review the daily information and respond accordingly. Early detection of warning signs may help prevent more serious problems. If you can talk with a friend, you can use TeleHealth.

Home Monitoring System: Stay connected wherever you are

Help ensure your aging or special-needs loved one stays independent and safe — and you'll help avoid potential emergencies before they happen. The all-new BeClose system monitors daily activity 24/7 with small wireless sensors in the home that constantly communicate with a private web page – and sends notifications to you via e-mail, phone or your mobile device. You'll receive real-time answers to these and other questions:

  • Did Mom get out of bed this morning?
  • Did Dad take his morning walk?
  • Is Grandma remembering her medication?
  • Is Grandpa fixing regular meals?

Benefit from the peace of mind you will have with BeClose.