Wellspring Lutheran Services News

A letter to the editor of the Monroe News

This letter was written by Mary Au about the rehab therapy services available at Wellspring Lutheran Services in Monroe. The letter originally appeared in the Monroe News in October 2014.

Wellspring Lutheran Services truly is Monroe's diamond in the rough and deserve more space

I came to Wellspring Lutheran Services to get a tour of its rehab therapy place back in July before my first total knee replacement. At first I thought to myself, "This place is too small. What can they do here?"

Well, I did not know I had found a diamond in the rough. I asked, "Is there more space?" At that time a beautiful woman sitting in a corner turned. Her eyes and smile glowed, but with her eyes says, "Try me, I'll show you what we can do. Make my day." That was Afsheen, my angel of physical therapy. She sure did make my day. Wellspring can really use a bigger rehab therapy space. All of their wonderful angels who put their hearts and souls into helping us. They are so big and powerful to give themselves. They need more space.

Walking down the halls, I saw each has a street name for where the residents live: Church St., Heritage Lane, Town Square and Garden Lane Rehab – where my home was and therapy of love began.

Both knees were replaced at different times. The wonderful care I had from everyone: St. David had such a hard time taking care of me the first two weeks, I made him King David the last two. Shirley came to me one day and said, "Come on, it's your turn for the car wash." It was the shower room. She put on black rubber boots, put me in a chair and made it fun taking a shower. Shirley also was my own artist who drew different pictures on my board, very happy pictures and good too. Pam is a woman who did everything for me that she could do. She did that for everyone. But really all of my caregivers did this for all of us. Every CNA made my stay unbelievably comfortable. A CNA named Key West – she knows why that name. Angie gave me a warm feeling of comfort. The nurses station on Garden Lane: Kristen, Lori, Megan, Ronda – they all are my angels. There were many more angels always helping me. I felt their warm hearts. They gave me unconditional love always.

Debbie my dietician helped get me very good meals. Activities could be what you wanted to do. In the dining room, called the Carousel Room, one day I played bingo with a 103 year old lady, also named Mary. Beautiful lady. Boy what can honor. I did so many good things to make me stronger.

Wellspring is not just a nursing home. This place can make any age feel stronger in their recovery. The laughter is music to the soul. It's also a physical and spiritual part of me.

The chapel on Church St. had prayers for all God's people. In this church the term quiet as a church mouse is literal there are 43 mice carved throughout the chapel in every nook and cozy little corner.

Laughter is healing for all ages. Activities are so wonderful. Friendships. Just a lot of love and angels. Thank you, all of you. I know who you are who helped.

-- Mary Au
Published October 2014