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5 Suggestions When a Sibling Won’t Help With a Parent’s Care

sibling-careIf you are an adult child with an older parent, providing care for them while juggling your own career and family can be a struggle. On top of that juggling act, many adult children often find themselves having disagreements with their siblings over an aging parent’s care. One problem that arises is having one or more siblings who just won’t help.


How to Celebrate the Holidays without Spoiling the Kids

young-girl-opening-gift-christmasThe holidays can be a tough time of year to keep your children from getting spoiled. From expensive toys compliments of the grandparents to Secret Santa at day care, the bounty your child receives can really add up. It makes it hard to keep them grounded and from expecting to receive a gift everywhere they go during the holidays. If you are struggling to teach your child gratitude this season, we’ve pulled together a few tips we think might help.


5 Holiday Decorating Tips for Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers

holiday-decoratingMany families enjoy the tradition of decorating together for Christmas or Hanukkah. Decking the halls with lights and sparkle is often the official kick off to the holiday season. However, if a senior loved one who has dementia recently moved in with you, some types of holiday decorations can present safety risks. To help Michigan family caregivers safely deck the halls this year, we are sharing a few tips from our memory care specialists.


Can You Fight Dementia with Your Diet?

inflamation-in-handThe role that diet plays in preventing or causing Alzheimer’s has long been a topic of interest. Researchers are fairly certain that food choices matter. While the cause of Alzheimer’s still isn’t known, there is evidence that seems to indicate food may play a role in both developing and preventing the disease.


Will I Inherit My Father’s Alzheimer’s Disease?

grandfather-with-son-and-grandsonIf your aging parent or senior family member lives with Alzheimer’s, you know firsthand how devastating the disease can be. It’s probably led you to wonder if you are next. Does having a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease increase your risk for developing it?


How to Help a Grieving Senior Stay Healthy

adult-daughter-and-mother-smilingThose of us who work with seniors have probably seen firsthand the impact grief can have on older adults. When a spouse or other close family member passes away, seniors often seem to experience greater physical symptoms of grief. From more frequent colds to new health conditions, the older you are, the more likely it is that grief will cause the immune system to become weaker.