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Activity Tips When Caring for Someone with Dementia

Every few weeks my dad goes for chemo, and while his side effects are minimal and he is capable of going alone, I usually tag along.  My mother always goes, and while I don't think she understands the scope and severity of his illness because of her own dementia, it's important to both her and my dad that she is there too.  We are typically at dad's chemo appointments for two or three hours.  My job is to keep my mom company, and keep her somewhat entertained.  That can be a tall order not only in the doctor's office but also at home, especially since mom has lost interest in a lot of her past activities due to the effects of her dementia.  So how do we find a balance between things that she will like, and things that we are capable of working into her and dad's daily routine?  We start by focusing on what she is interested in, and what she is capable of becoming involved in, instead of focusing on her limitations.  The following are some suggestions for helping your loved one have a day filled with enriching activities.


Assessing Your Elder's Needs

Whether you're a long-distance caregiver, or your parents live close by, it's important to really understand what their needs are. Here's are some areas to consider when you know mom or dad is beginning to need some help.