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A Memory Garden - Good for Body & Brain

Living longer and better requires a lot of attention to exercise and brain fitness. We all need exercise, fresh air and sunshine to maintain good health. Our brains also need to be exercised and experts on aging agree that reminiscing can elevate our moods and flex our brains in many positive ways. One way to accomplish both exercise and reminiscing is to plant a memory garden.


Anyone for Checkers?

 How long has it been since you played a game of checkers? Playing board and card games were something our elders had a lot of fun doing when they were young. Old fashioned games are a wonderful way to engage with your senior loved one. It will bring back good memories of their younger years.



Annual Family Gatherings May Reveal Signs of Alzheimer’s

Like many others, my family did not put a name to the behaviors and symptoms that my mother was exhibiting. We recognized some changes, got frustrated by our mother’s actions, and talked about it during long distance phone conversations. Then we ignored those symptoms and wrote it off as her having an “off” day. Now, mom’s problems have come to the forefront because of our dad’s cancer treatments and his need for us to help with mom. Even though it’s so incredibly difficult to say, here it goes: Mom has Alzheimer’s.