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What Parents Should Know about Childhood Obesity

Childhood ObesityThe numbers on childhood obesity in the United States are frightening. Over 25% of pre-school aged children are overweight or obese. One in five children is overweight or obese by the time they start school. Chronic obesity from such an early age puts children at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. For parents, knowing how to help children develop healthy lifestyle habits is the key to prevention.


What are the Differences between an ADL and an IADL in Senior Living?

The senior care industry is loaded with acronyms. From DON (Director of Nursing) to CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), the terminology can make it more difficult to understand your options for care for an aging loved one.


Is There Trouble on the Horizon for an Aging Parent?

male-senior-talking-with-adult-daughterThe holiday trip home to spend time with an aging parent is something most adult children look forward to all year long. For families who are separated by long distances, it might be the one time each year they have to be together. For older adults, however, a lot can change in a year.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Shingles Vaccine

shinglesIf you’ve seen the commercials promoting the shingles vaccine, they may have caused you a little apprehension. They definitely show just how painful a case of shingles can be. Seniors and their caregivers are probably wondering whether or not they should ask their doctor for the vaccine. To help answer some of the common questions about shingles, we’ve researched the topic to share in this week’s update.


Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

elder-woman-drivingThe first week of December is designated as Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. Organizations dedicated to supporting seniors use this week as an opportunity to help educate caregivers, adult children and the community at large about the challenges aging creates for older drivers. For an adult child, this can be an emotionally difficult topic to tackle. 


Understanding the Senior Care Benefits Available for Michigan Veterans

veteran-word-in-circle-flagAs we pause on November 11 to remember and honor those who served, we thought it was important to help Michigan caregivers learn more about the financial support that is available for their aging veteran. Many adult children are surprised to discover that the Veteran’s Administration has funding that can help cover the expenses of senior care for their veteran loved one and their surviving spouse. It is called the Aid & Attendance Benefit.