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Flu Shot Myths

Flu-vaccine-signAs autumn begins in Michigan, we are again preparing for flu season. Every year about this time we begin receiving questions from our residents and their families about the influenza vaccine.


Celebrating Grandparents in Michigan

National Grandparents’ Day takes place each year in early September. grandma and grandkids readingThis year the date to celebrate the wisdom and devotion grandparents provide is September 7. If you are trying to organize an intergenerational event for your family, here are a few ideas you might find to be of interest.


Paying for Assisted Living in Michigan

money-smFamily caregivers who are exploring options for assisted living in the state of Michigan are sometimes confused about the costs and how they will pay for their aging loved one's care.


Michigan Summer Fun with an Alzheimer’s Loved One

senior and family picnicFor many Michigan caregivers, late summer into fall is a favorite time of year. But when the loved one you provide care for lives with Alzheimer’s disease, finding activities that you can enjoy together might present a challenge. 


7 Back to School Tips for Parents in Michigan

back-to-schoolWith the days of summer drawing to a close, many Michigan parents are preparing for their children to return to school. Shifting from the relaxed days of summer to the hustle of a busy school year isn’t easy.


Advice for Michigan Caregivers: Be On Guard for Ticks and Mosquitoes

mosquitoAs summer events draw more people outdoors, health experts warn Michigan caregivers to be on guard for ticks and mosquitoes. Older adults and those living with chronic illnesses are especially at risk because they typically have weaker immune systems. It is especially true of their risk for contracting the West Nile Virus.