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Healthy Aging to Prevent Heart Disease

Older Women Exercising42 million women in the U.S. live with heart disease. It is the leading cause of death among women. Heart disease claims the lives of more women every year than any form of cancer. It causes one in three deaths among women. In honor of National Heart Health Awareness Month, we have pulled together a variety of resources to help educate women on heart disease. We hope you will share this information with the women in your life. 


Establishing a Bedtime Routine for Kids

Child Sleeping with Teddy BearEvery parent has likely struggled with this issue: how can you get the kids to go to bed when they just don’t want to? Parenting experts often say the best approach with uncooperative children at bedtime is to establish a routine. Knowing how to establish one is the key to making evenings go a little more smoothly. 


Difficult Behaviors in Men with Alzheimer’s Disease

Man With HeadacheWhen a husband or father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, families often try to find ways to keep them safe at home. As the disease progresses, however, it can be increasingly difficult to do. A few of the behaviors that are common among people with Alzheimer’s disease make it difficult for a spouse or daughter to manage their care at home. Two behaviors that may force a family to consider a move to an assisted living community for their senior loved one are wandering and aggression.


Weight Gain and Caregiving: 6 Tips for Avoiding the Caregiver “20”

Person on scaleThe caregiver “20” can be an unfortunate reality. The stress and emotional strain of caring for someone else can lead to emotional eating. It can cause the caregiver to pack on a few extra pounds. Lack of time is another big problem for caregivers. Healthy living usually requires additional time to spend preparing meals and exercising. Unfortunately, extra time is something caregivers don’t have much of in their daily lives.


How to Survive Peak Flu Season in Michigan

Warning-Flu-Sign-with-SunsetJanuary and February are typically months when flu season reaches its peak. Children, the elderly and people with chronic health conditions are considered to be at the highest risk for developing it. If you are an older adult or the caregiver for one, there are steps you can take to avoid the virus.


Recognizing the Signs of Elder Abuse

Elder SadAs a non-profit, mission-driven organization, we are dedicated to serving our elders. That includes helping to educate our local communities on issues related to older adults. One that is often under-reported is elder abuse.