December 2016


OUR SOCIETY REVERES CELEBRITY AND POWER. Yet, at Wellspring Lutheran Services we see the true impact a life can have when it sacrificially serves others first. Each day we see the impact of God's love in the lives of people, because each day we see people who have committed their life in service to others.

We witness countless volunteers who have chosen to give the amazing gift of their time, love and attention to people who would otherwise be perfect strangers. Sitting by a bedside with a hospice client, mentoring a child in foster care, supporting a family working through tough times — the gift of their presence impacts in ways we'll never really know. One life at a time, others are encouraged and find hope.

We see donors offering their precious resources to assist us in our work, sacrificially choosing to get involved in the lives of others they may never know, and we are blessed. One life at a time, we watch as needs are met, programs that serve people are strengthened, and lives are enriched in countless ways.

the-one-life-is-jesusWe are inspired by our staff who have dedicated their lives to the hard work of loving, serving and caring for others. It's incredibly hard work, and yet we see time and time again our staff going above and beyond to assure a child is comforted, a family is reassured and a senior is supported. One life at a time, we see our staff members making impacts both big and small, one person at a time.

At Wellspring Lutheran Services, we are also well aware of the source of all this love, sacrifice and giving. You have to go back over 2,000 years to one night — one moment in history. On that night, a life came into the world that changed the trajectory of mankind's story, collectively and individually. On that one night, in the quiet chill of the Judean countryside, love came down in the form of a baby — but also as God Himself. It was the ultimate gift on that first Christmas. That one life, Jesus, continues to impact the world today — one life whose impact is endless.

As we celebrate His life this Christmas, we invite you to become "one life" that joins with many others at Wellspring in making an individual commitment to serve others. And your commitment multiplied as the collective work creates impact far beyond any individual effort.

Maybe you've thought about supporting our ministry with a gift; our programs and people we serve are always in need of that support. Perhaps you've supported us in the past, for which we're grateful; we invite you to renew your commitment at this time.

One life — Jesus — changed the world with a new kind of love that continues to transform. And because of His life, our lives have that same ability: to transform as we offer our service and resources sacrificially to others.

May the transformative love of Christ be with you this Christmas and each and every day!


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