How to Keep Your Little Ghosts and Goblins Safe on Halloween

kids-trick-or-treatingHalloween is a day most kids look forward to all year long. The idea of getting to dress up in their new costume and head out with their friends to trick-or-treat makes for a great night when you are a kid. As a parent, it is important to find ways for the kids to have fun while keeping them safe.

Here are a few Halloween safety tips to help your family enjoy a safe and happy night:

  1. Costume Safety. Keeping your children’s costumes off their eyes so they can see is one of our first tips. You also should avoid anything that might cause them to trip. It might mean hemming or pinning a long costume up a bit. If the costume they just have to have is dark colored, add reflector tape to their back, arms, and shoulders to make them easy to see at night. You also can use glow sticks to create necklaces. Remember, it is always a good idea to give the whole costume a test run before the big night.
  2. Stick with Familiar Routes. If you stick with the areas of town where you know people, you will likely feel more confident about the candy your children receive. You will also decrease the risk of getting lost and ending up with tired, cranky kids.
  3. Watch for Porch Lights. Not every homeowner will be around or interested in handing out candy. Stick with those homes where the porch lights are on and you can see the occupants welcome little trick-or-treaters to their door.
  4. Check Out the Candy. Make it a rule that kids can’t eat any of the candy without your approval. That gives you time to inspect each piece before it goes in their mouth. If you have any concerns at all about how a piece of candy is wrapped or how it looks, throw it out. Better safe than sorry.

Read the National Crime Prevention’s online Halloween Safety guide to learn more.