Michigan Summer Fun with an Alzheimer’s Loved One

senior and family picnic

For many Michigan caregivers, late summer into fall is a favorite time of year. But when the loved one you provide care for lives with Alzheimer’s disease, finding activities that you can enjoy together might present a challenge. There are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your activities for the day:

  • Big crowds can increase agitation for people with Alzheimer’s. They can also put you and your loved one at greater risk for being separated.
  • Restricting activities to the early hours of the day can help prevent evening wandering and agitation.
  • People with Alzheimer’s sometimes fail to recognize thirst. It can increase their risk for dehydration on hot days. Keep water with you on outings and remind your senior loved one to drink frequently.
  • Know the side effects of each of your aging loved one’s medications. Some may increase their sensitivity to sun. 

23 Activities to Enjoy with an Alzheimer’s Loved One  

We’ve pulled together a list of suggestions for activities you and your loved one can do this summer and fall:

1. Take photos of your garden and create a collage

2. Create a container garden made up of fall blooming flowers

3. Have a picnic at a local park

4. Buy fresh produce at a farm stand or Farmer’s Market

5. Make homemade ice cream

6. Borrow a grandchild and blow bubbles together

7. Hang a bird feeder

8. Pick a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch

9. Paint a fun face on a pumpkin

10. Enjoy a nature walk

11. Dead head flowers in the garden

12. Feed the ducks at a local park

13. Rake leaves

14. Water the garden

15. Buy mums and plant them

16. Watch family videos or look through old family photos

17. Take the dog for a long walk in the morning

18. Go bird watching

19. Listen to old music

20. Fill the birdfeeders in the yard

21. Visit an apple orchard

22. Bake an apple pie

23. Arrange fresh flowers in a vase

We hope this gives you some ideas for enjoying the fall with your senior loved one this year! Do you have a suggestion we missed? Please share it below…