Anyone for Checkers?





How long has it been since you played a game of checkers? Playing board and card games were something our elders had a lot of fun doing when they were young. Old-fashioned games are a wonderful way to engage with your senior loved one. It will bring back good memories of their younger years.


I still remember my parents getting together with an older couple after church. They’d get out the dominoes and “shoot the moon.” The laughter would fill the kitchen where they’d play around the table. When I got old enough, they taught me to play.


Puzzles are another activity that many elders enjoy. Just get out a puzzle with lots of color and beautiful scenes and it’s sure to be an elder magnet. It’s also a way to get your elder talking and socializing. The puzzle table is always a hit at assisted livings. Don’t think you’ll be able to keep up with them. Elders are great at putting puzzles together!


Games are also a great way for your children and grandchildren to engage with their grandparents. Do you remember playing games with your grandparents? It’s a sure way to make wonderful memories! Games like dominoes and Rummy can be good for children learning math skills. It’s also a way good way to exercise anyone’s brain!


Here are a few ideas to get you engaging with your senior in a lot of fun!


  1. Checkers
  2. Dominoes
  3. Go Fish
  4. Hangman
  5. Rummy
  6. Jacks


Make sure there’s plenty of light when you play games with elders. Pick a comfortable place for them to play and include some sweet treats for intermissions. Ask your elders what games they’ve enjoyed playing over the years. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play. They’ll teach you a thing or two!


What games do you remember playing as a child? What are your elder's favorites? We'd love to hear your stories!


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