4 Ways to Monitor Your Child’s Caregiver

One of the most difficult things a parent has to do is leave their child with a caregiver. Trusting someone else to care for your children while you are at work isn’t easy.

We’ve all read the stories of family’s who were shocked to learn a nanny or neighborhood sitter was abusive to their child despite all of the hiring precautions they took. That is why on-going monitoring of your child’s caregiver is so important. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Fotolia 1616919 XSTrust Your Instincts. When they are telling you something doesn’t feel right, listen to them. If your child is old enough, talk with them to see how they are feeling about the relationship with their caregiver.
  • Routinely Show Up Unannounced. When you drop in at a time you aren’t expected, you can usually get a true picture of what happens when you aren’t around. Don’t just do this once or twice in the beginning of a new caregiver relationship; make it an on-going practice.
  • Utilize an Online Reputation Management Service or Google Alerts. You’ve probably did a background check on your child’s caregiver when you hired them, but it is important to continue to keep an eye on things moving forward. If you don’t want the added expense of signing up for an online reputation management service, give Google Alerts a try. Set an alert for the caregiver’s name on your Google account. That will cause an email to be created sending you links to any new information that is posted online about that name.
  • It Takes a Village. Every neighborhood has one or two neighbors that seem to know everything that is going on. Talk with them to share that you’ve hired a new caregiver and would appreciate it if they could keep an eye out for you. Do the same with the other playground group mothers, dance teacher, soccer coach, crossing guards and other people in the neighborhood who routinely come in to contact with your child and the caregiver throughout the day.

There are technologies available that you can set up in your home to monitor – in live time or by recording – what is happening. Many families feel that if they have to resort to these measures, it might be better to simply find a new caregiver.

What do you think about technology monitoring like Nanny cams or Teddy Bear cams? Thumbs up? Thumbs down?