5 Ways Parents Can Prepare a Child for a New Sitter

babysitterThe arrival of a new babysitter can be stressful for parents and children alike. Trusting you have made the right choice in hiring someone new and leaving them alone with your little ones is tough. For kids, getting used to a new “boss” isn’t always easy either.

Here are five tips we think can help make this go a little smoother for everyone:


  1. Talk with your children ahead of time and tell them a little bit about their new sitter. Showing them a photo might help, too.
  2. When the sitter arrives, let the kids be the ones to show her around the house. Ask them to show her where she can hang her coat, where the bathroom is, where their bedrooms are, and a quick tour around the kitchen. If there is a family pet, have them make the introductions.
  3. Before you leave the house, make sure the new sitter is clear on your rules and expectations. No cell phone time while you are gone, no parking the kids in front of the TV for hours and whatever else is important to you.
  4. Let your kids know that it is OK to call you if they need to and make sure they know how to reach you. Knowing you are a phone call away might help them feel less frightened of having a new person in charge.
  5. Prepare some activities your children enjoy for them to do with the new babysitter. Are they all about their Rainbow Loom right now? Make sure it is stocked up and ready to go. Do they have a few favorite board games they like playing? Have those out so they can teach the sitter.

Finally when you return home for the day, don’t just ask the babysitter for a report on the kids. Ask the kids for a report card on the new sitter. Find out from them what they did while she was there, what she did and how everyone got along.

With a little pre-planning, having a new babysitter join the children’s caregiving team doesn’t have to be overly stressful.