6 Ways to Maintain a Positive Outlook as You Age


Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we age includes embracing the power of positive thinking. Studies show that thinking positive and avoiding negative self-talk can lead to better outcomes in everything from relationships to disease management.

What can you do to develop a more positive outlook in the New Year? Here are a few suggestions:


  1. Start the day on a positive note. This may be tricky if you have young children and aging parents under one roof to care for each day. Taking a few minutes to read a daily inspiration or even a joke of the day, however, can help you begin the day in a positive way..
  2. Stop the negative self-talk by adopting a positive word for 2014. Your word might be “confidence,” “possibilities” or something similar. When you find your thoughts drifting in a negative direction, force yourself to think about your word for the year.
  3. Take up a new form of exercise that embraces the mind, body, and spirit connection. Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates are all great choices because they can be performed at any age. Each of these also teaches better breathing techniques which are great for battling stress.
  4. Volunteer your time. Helping others often brings a sense of purpose and meaning to life. Your local United Way organization can help connect you with a meaningful opportunity. If you live in Michigan, Wellspring Lutheran Services would love to have your help. We have volunteer opportunities that range from one-time support to on-going assistance.
  5. Find something to laugh about every day. It might be one of the crazy cat videos on YouTube or your favorite sitcom, whatever tickles your funny bone. Laughter is a great way to stay positive.
  6. Keep a gratitude journal. Every evening write down ten things you are grateful for that day. You will be surprised at what difference gratitude can make in your day!

If you would like to read more about the power of being positive, you might enjoy this article from the Mayo Clinic.