Baby Boomers Busting the Myths About Aging


We’ve all heard the myths about aging. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a popular one. Getting old means getting sick is another. As boomers continue to move well in to retirement, they are busting many of the popular myths and stereotypes about aging.

Here are some of the most common myths: 

Myth #1: Seniors can’t learn how to use new technologies.

FACT: While the Millennials may be the generation leading the digital revolution, many seniors are following the trend. Pew Internet Research shows 23% of older boomers use tablet devices. For younger boomers that number climbs to 27%. Half of adults aged 65 and older use the internet regularly.

Myth #2: Once you retire you just watch TV and play golf.

FACT: According to the Kaufmann Foundation, almost 21% of new businesses launched in 2011 were started by someone between the ages of 55 and 64. Another 28% by adults aged 45-54. That compares to just 29% for those adults 35 years old and younger.

Myth #3: To retire means to get old and sick.

FACT: Not true the actuary tables tell us. Life expectancy for men climbed by almost two years during the past five decades. Men now have an average life expectancy of 75.7 years. For women, that number has climbed by 1.5 years to 80.8 years old. Baby boomers aren’t just living longer lives, they are also living healthier ones. According to the experts at WebMD, the mortality rates from heart disease, cancer and stroke continue to decline.

Myth #4: Baby boomers don’t venture far from home.

FACT: Baby boomers are traveling significantly more than any generation before them. According to American Express, this age group consumes 82% of the luxury goods market. That market includes hotels and travel-related services. Boomers are also retiring in foreign countries where the cost-of-living is lower, the climate is warmer and access to health care is considered to be easier.


What do you think is the most popular misconception about

baby boomers and aging?