Celebrating Grandparents in Michigan

grandma-and-grandkidsBy Presidential proclamation, National Grandparents’ Day takes place each year in early September. This year the date to celebrate the wisdom and devotion grandparents provide is September 7th. If you are trying to organize an intergenerational event for your family, here are a few ideas you might find to be of interest.

Intergenerational Activities in Honor of Grandparents’ Day

Several organizations are working hard to find ways to honor grandparents on this day and to shine light on the importance of intergenerational friendships. Generations United has a complimentary guide, Do Something Grand  that you can download.

Among their many ideas are: 

  • Help to raise awareness about the role grandparents play by talking about it on your social media channels. On Twitter you can use the hash tag #GrandparentsDay. To help leverage the power of Facebook, you can change your profile picture for the first week of September to a photo of you and a grandparent. Then do an update on your page that explains the photo.
  • Ask your Members of Congress what they are doing to honor grandparents. You can find their Twitter handles here.
  • If your senior family member is able, find a local volunteer opportunity you can participate in together. It might be helping out at a local food bank or donating a few hours to play with puppies at the animal shelter. The idea is to make a date to spend some quality time together.
  • Create an intergenerational family video or scrapbook together. Give the elder generation the chance to talk about their childhood by asking them questions about the school they attended, the house they grew up in, and how many miles they had to walk to school each day.
  • Make a family time capsule. Have everyone bring copies of favorite photos, letters, and memorabilia to include. It might also be fun to have each family member make a list of their favorite things at that minute in time: their favorite song, book, magazine, and more. Hide the capsule someplace you can easily get to in five years, but not in plain sight.

Grandparents.com is a website packed with activities, crafts, and games grandparents can enjoy with their grandchildren all year long. They range from easy recipes you can make together to building a robot and performing magic tricks.

What are some ways that you have celebrated Grandparents' Day in the past? Let us know below!