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Flu Shot Myths

Flu-vaccine-signAs autumn begins in Michigan, we are again preparing for flu season. Every year about this time we begin receiving questions from our residents and their families about the influenza vaccine.

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Celebrating Grandparents in Michigan

National Grandparents’ Day takes place each year in early September. grandma and grandkids readingThis year the date to celebrate the wisdom and devotion grandparents provide is September 7. If you are trying to organize an intergenerational event for your family, here are a few ideas you might find to be of interest.

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Facing Fears of Uncertainty - Part 2

15 days – they usually fly by, but not when you’re waiting to get test results. My husband had thyroid surgery and weJan and her husband were told we should have the results in a couple of days.  Why was it taking so long? Every time the phone rang we couldn’t help but wonder if it was going to be “the call” we were waiting for. Just over two weeks later, we finally received the results…

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