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Baby Boomers Busting the Myths About Aging

healthyagingadultWe’ve all heard the myths about aging. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a popular one. Getting old means getting sick is another. As boomers continue to move well in to retirement, they are busting many of the popular myths and stereotypes about aging.

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Summer Respite for Michigan Seniors


Now that spring has arrived, many Michigan caregivers may be making plans to take a summer road trip after the children are out of school. If you care for an aging loved one, however, the idea of leaving town for a summer vacation may cause anxiety. It can be especially concerning if your senior loved one lives alone and counts on you for transportation, grocery shopping and support with other activities of daily living. One solution to consider is respite care.

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Creating a Safe Environment for a Loved One with Dementia

safenviromentMany adult children in Michigan are forced to make the tough call on when a parent living with dementia is no longer safe living alone. For some families, the next step is bringing their parent to live with them. If your family is preparing to make this transition, finding ways to safety proof your home is key.

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5 Ways Parents Can Prepare a Child for a New Sitter

babysitterThe arrival of a new babysitter can be stressful for parents and children alike. Trusting you have made the right choice in hiring someone new and leaving them alone with your little ones is tough. For kids, getting used to a new “boss” isn’t always easy either.

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Are You Eating "Real Food?"

What do I mean by “real” foods? They are the foods nature gives us. You know, things like plants, roots, fruits, nuts, bigstock-woman-with-man-and-child-choos-42821002 WEBseeds, honey, meats, milk and eggs.  Real food is wholesome and nourishing. It’s simple, unprocessed, whole food. It’s grown in soil that’s free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. And the animals are raised without hormones or antibiotics.  

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