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Information for Michigan Caregivers: Can Anemia Cause Alzheimer’s?

AnemiaAlzheimersCan Routine Blood Tests for Anemia Help Detect Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Some researchers believe the answer to this question might be, “Yes.”

An article published in Neurology  shared results from a study at University of California San Francisco. The study revealed that after other risk factors are controlled, anemia increased the risk for Alzheimer’s between 40% and 50% in the 2500 participants. This is important information for Michigan caregivers and physicians because an estimated 23% of older adults are anemic.

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Treating a Sinus Infection

bigstock-Sinus-Pain-55592330-smallIt's always sinus infection season. Yes, they are gross, but understanding what they are and why it's important to get treatment will spare you some unnecessary discomfort and pain.

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Beat the Holiday Bulge: Healthy Holiday Food Choices

Health experts consider it the worst time of the year for older adults trying to maintain a special diet or those who battle the bulge. The average American gains ten to twelve pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year. That isn’t healthy for any of us, but for older adults living with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes it can be downright dangerous. But no one wants to feel left out of the season’s festivities even when so many of them revolve around food.

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Artistic Endeavors

The day we stop learning and trying new things, is the day we surely stop living. Creativity is a wonderful way to express your feelings and try something new. Your elders may be at the age when they no longer fear failing when trying a new activity. What has your elder always wanted to try? Find out and encourage them!

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Arthritis Help: It's a Joint Effort

This winter seems to have been unusually cruel, dumping record amounts of snow and ice across the country, and making hibernation a sport in which most of my friends and family have excelled.  The cold made me want to curl up under a blanket for hours at a time, only to find my knees and hips creaking in protest upon standing.  My joints seem to have frozen up over the winter just like the many lakes nearby.  Is this stiffness the result of a winter of inactivity, or some deeper sign of aging?  Shh...arthritis can not be my problem...can it?  Let's take a look at what arthritis really means for us as we age.

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Are You Ready to Fight The Flu This season?

More than 90 million Americans suffer annually from the influenza virus. When combined with pneumonia, the influenza virus, or the flu, is the sixth leading cause of death among all Americans, and infants and the elderly are especially vulnerable. With some simple prevention tips, and a basic understanding of the flu virus, you can be prepared and can minimize the risks of getting the flu this year.

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Baby It's Cold Outside: Fighting the Winter Blues

There always seems to be a letdown after the holidays, the bitter cold of January seeps into our bones and makes us reluctant to leave our warm houses for any type of activity.  The wind howls outside our windows, the skies are gray and dreary for days on end, and we forget what our neighbors even look like.  The winter blues, for some people, are more serious, becoming a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.  Whether you have a touch of the blues, or more serious winter depressive symptoms, there are some ways to help the early months of the New Year pass by more quickly.

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