Residential Care

Residential Services at Wellspring

A new direction for teens

The transition years into adulthood when you are a teenager are some of the most difficult years of your life. Imagine trying to navigate them when you don’t have the care you need to help you be successful. Wellspring understands what that’s like, because we’ve seen it firsthand.

New Directions is a residential foster care campus in Farmington Hills for youth who have cognitive, behavioral and emotional challenges that make it difficult for them to be in a traditional foster home. Referrals are accepted from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

This 80-acre campus offers around-the-clock care so youth are safe and secure while they get the education, life skills and treatment needed to prepare them for their next transition.

Our amazing team of skilled and compassionate staff goes above and beyond to make sure each youth, and their family, has everything they need to feel confident in the journey ahead. This program offers:

  • A trauma-informed approach to treatment
  • 24-hour supervision by trained specialists
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Medical and dental services
  • On-site therapists
  • Psychological and psychiatric services
  • Family therapy, if appropriate
  • Education through Farmington Public Schools
  • Year-round tutoring services
  • Skills building for independent living
  • Pre-vocational training and work experience opportunities
  • Community service opportunities
  • Social interaction skills development
  • Religious services to meet individual family requests
  • Participation in five Special Olympic sports
  • Art therapy and ceramics
  • Youth mentoring

Developing social skills is a key part of life, which is why community-based activities are key to the success of our residents. Wellspring has established a network of community partners and donors to make these activities possible:

  • Theatre performances
  • Major athletic events
  • Museum visits
  • Art classes with working artists
  • Summer programming
  • Community activities
  • Locations: