Paul Wolanin

Paul Wolanin

Paul Wolanin is a licensed addiction professional with the Michigan Certification Board of Addiction professionals. Paul received his undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University and his graduate degree from the Chicago School of Psychology. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in counseling education and supervision. He is certified in motivational interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Paul has worked in the addiction treatment field for the past 17 years. He began his career at BSA Interventions in Kalamazoo, MI, helping to run groups for sexual offenders recently released from prison, as well as SUD treatment groups for clients from various backgrounds. He transitioned to residential treatment around 2007 – first at a drug and alcohol detox center, then a residential treatment center in Midland, MI, for more than 10 years. Paul provided group, individual and family counseling, and played a significant role in program development.

He joined the Wellspring team in Summer 2018 as supervisor of a new substance use disorder treatment program. He led the program’s development, implementation and daily operations, ensured quality client care, provided training for staff and built relationships with the State of Michigan. Because of the hard work and dedication of his team, the Substance Use Disorder Family Support Program was able to expand to Northern Michigan and is now a sought-after service for families struggling with substance dependencies.

Paul is currently the clinical program manager for all of Wellspring Lutheran Services substance use programming throughout Michigan.  Additionally, he sees clients for the Wellspring Behavioral Health program, is a published author, teaches psychology courses at Delta College in University Center, MI, and is a faculty member of the Addiction Counseling Program at Beal University in Bangor, Maine.

Paul has a deep, personal connection to this work, and believes that anyone can change if given the opportunity.