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Family Services at Wellspring Family Preservation

Family Preservation Services in Michigan

Keeping children safe in their own home and with their family is a positive outcome we see and work to achieve time and time again. That is because we have the most expansive family preservation services in Michigan.
Our range of programs gives us the opportunity to work with families, from those who are high-risk and currently in crisis to those that are lower risk to those reuniting after their child was in foster care.

Why Choose Wellspring for Family Preservation

Each one of our family preservation programs has a wonderful success rate. A success rate that is achieved because our approach is always family-centered and strength-based; encouraging what is being done right and working on the areas that need improvement. Equally important to achieving success is building trust with the families, which we do by working with them in their homes as much as possible.

Who Is Eligible for Family Preservation Services?

A family must be referred to us through one of our contracts with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Referrals could come through a variety of MDHHS or private agency staff. Family eligibility varies depending upon the program, but minimal eligibility is based upon families that have been referred to or are working with MDHHS.

What Programs Do You Offer for Family Preservation?

Families First

Wellspring Lutheran Services is the largest provider of the Families First program in Michigan. This 28-day crisis intervention program is designed to work with families who have the highest safety risk due to the evidence of child abuse or neglect. This model is proven to be successful, and has more than a 95% success rate at the end of our 28-day intervention.


Wellspring Lutheran Services is one of two providers of this pilot program and currently servicing Wayne County. This evidence based program was developed in the state of Washington and is on the federal Prevention Services Clearinghouse. The Families First of Michigan program was designed based on the Homebuilders model.

Family Reunification

This four- to six-month program is a key part of reunifying children with their biological families after they have been removed and placed in foster care. This ensures that families are safely reunited, and able to transition smoothly after being apart.

Families Together Building Solutions

This 90-day program is designed for families that have experienced abuse or neglect. This model is solution-focused, and concentrates on empowering families to find techniques that bring safety and peace into the home. This program model includes the Families Together Building Solutions-Pathways to Potential contract, which brings services to families through the potential referral from a DHHS success coach working in community schools.

In-Home Family Services

Oftentimes, families need a little extra encouragement when learning how to parent and operate as a family unit. This program is for lower-risk families who need extra assistance navigating the difficult waters of being a parent.

Foster Care Supportive Visitation

Wellspring Lutheran Services is the largest provider of this program designed to assist parents whose children are in foster care, but with a permanency plan reunification. The program is 16 weeks in length and provides coaching using the Nurturing Parenting program developed by Dr. Stephen Bavolek.

Wellspring Family Preservation

Family Preservation FAQs

What can I do to keep children safe and families together?
Download the 2021/2022 Prevention Resource Guide. The guide was developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau, Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, its Child Welfare Information Gateway, the FRIENDS National Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention, and over 30 national prevention partners.

Interested in Our Family Preservation Services?

If you have questions, or are a provider looking to make a referral, please: