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Senior Services at Wellspring Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

When we talk about “long-term care,” what exactly does that mean? Previously referred to as a nursing home, by its basic definition long-term care is a place where seniors receive ongoing medical care and assistance with daily living, either as a temporary stay or by becoming a permanent resident. At Wellspring we go beyond the basics, providing you or your loved one the opportunity to live each day to its fullest in a comforting environment.

You’ll find comfort at our long-term care communities, as well as care delivered in a way that honors you or your loved ones needs — and assures family members that the right choice has been made. Even more reassuring is knowing that all care is under the supervision of a medical director and trained staff who are available around the clock.

Whether residing in our long-term care for a few weeks or making it your home, you’ll find it’s the quality of care provided and the relationships our staff forge with you that make the welcome warm and the stay pleasant.

When to Consider Long-Term Care

Long-term care may be the best solution for seniors:
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    With chronic conditions that limit mobility

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    Who have Parkinson’s, ALS or other neurological conditions
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    Whose needs are more than what current family members can meet

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    Who need a higher level or need of care — medical, physical, cognitive and/or emotional

We also offer memory care for those who have Alzheimer’s, dementia or other memory loss.

Benefits of Long-Term Care

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    Appropriate medical support: From medication management to nursing care, your loved one will get the right medical support for their condition and health needs.

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    Engagement and enrichment: Activities, events and social programming help your loved one make the most of each day.

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    Safety and security: Your loved one will be in safe place that is staffed 24-hours a day. They’ll have around-the-clock support, and you’ll have peace of mind.

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    Respite and relief: For caregivers, choosing long-term care for a loved one helps alleviate the emotional, mental and physical stress of caring for them yourself. Your loved one is also relieved from the stress of being dependent on you and your availability.

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    Suitable living environment: Wheelchair accessible, walker-friendly (no trip hazards), and more — our long-term care facilities are designed to meet varying abilities

Long-Term Care FAQs

How much does long-term care cost at Wellspring?

Cost for long-term care varies based on insurance, Medicare/Medicaid coverage, and more. We’re happy to provide details when you contact us or visit one of our long-term care communities.

Looking for Long-Term Care?