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Senior Services at Wellspring Respite Care

On-Site Respite Care
in Michigan

Caring for a loved one at home is a big responsibility for any individual or family – and it’s often done without realizing the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll it can take. When that toll becomes too much, our respite care services are here to help.

Respite care is a form of short-term assisted living that offers individuals or families time away from caring for an elderly loved one. With Wellspring Lutheran Services respite care, we care for your loved one at one of our campuses across Michigan so you and your family can rest and recharge. We can handle anything they need, including medication management, personal hygiene and keeping them company.

Whether it’s five days, a full week, one month, or more, you can be confident your loved one will be well cared for in our respite care program. It will give you and your family an opportunity to recharge, along with space and time to consider what the best next step could be for your senior loved one, such as assisted living, memory care, or long-term care.

What is Included in Wellspring’s Respite Care Program

Short-term respite care residents receive similar benefits to those with permanent living arrangements at one of our campuses, including:

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    A private, comfortable room for your loved one to stay in.

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    Three prepared meals each day.

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    An abundance of activities and events to participate in on-site.

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    Personal care and hygiene resources.

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    Housekeeping services, such as laundry and cleaning.

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    24-hour support from health professionals, which includes medication administration and visits to our on-site health clinic.

Caregiver Benefits of Respite Care

For caregivers, our respite care will:

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    Free up time to run errands, attend appointments, catch up on chores, and attend to other necessities of life.

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    Provide much-needed downtime, support, and peace of mind -- for you and your loved ones.

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    Prevent resentment by avoiding the frustration that can come from not being able to attend to your own needs.

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    Allow you and your family to feel revived and refocused, so you’re better able to continue caring for your loved one.

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    Help maintain your own health and wellness, so you can continue maintaining that of your loved one.

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    Assist you or your family in an unexpected circumstance, when emergency care is needed that you are unable to accommodate for.

Senior Benefits of Respite Care

For seniors, our respite care will:

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    Give them access to one-on-one attention from health care professionals.

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    Offer them a chance to get out of the house and spend time in a different environment.

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    Provide them with opportunities for socialization with other seniors in similar situations.

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    Allow them to participate in on-site activities and events they might not be able to experience at home.

Respite Care FAQs

How much does respite care cost with Wellspring?

The cost of respite care depends on the frequency and duration of the respite care provided. Contact us and we can provide a recommendation and a quote.

What is the difference between respite care and assisted living?

Respite care is a temporary short-term living option for seniors who are being cared for by a loved one at home. Assisted living is a permanent arrangement in which seniors are able to receive professional support while maintaining independence.

For families and individuals who are currently caring for a loved one at home and are exploring the possibility of shifting to a new form of care, our respite care program is a great way to learn what the best next step might be.

Does Wellspring offer adult day care as a form of respite care?

No, adult day care is not offered within Wellspring’s respite care program. This form of care is for a limited number of hours during the day and seeks to keep seniors occupied while their caregiver is working or temporarily out. Our respite care is typically for a longer period of time and offers more hands-on care for your loved one.

What does my loved one need to bring when receiving respite care at Wellspring?

Depending on the length of your loved one’s stay in our respite care program, they should plan to bring an appropriate amount of clothing, medications and any other personal items they would like to have with them to support their comfort. We provide all bedding and linens, meals and hygiene products on our campus.

In need of Respite Care?

Wellspring is happy to review your specific needs or answer any questions you may have about our respite care program. Reach out and we’ll be in touch shortly.