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Senior Services at Wellspring Rehabilitation


If you’re looking for a compassionate approach to recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, you’ve come to the right place.

The rehabilitation team at Wellspring Lutheran Services works directly with your doctor to craft a personalized therapy plan to regain your health, improve your abilities, and enhance your activity levels with the ultimate goal of restoring normalcy.

Therapies for Rehabilitation

Therapy is often recommended by your doctor as part of your rehab. Our rehabilitation services include the following therapies:
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    Occupational therapy: Helps rebuild skills necessary for daily living.

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    Physical therapy: Recovers strength, mobility and the ability to walk (if possible).

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    Speech therapy: Improves speech and language skills, as well as other oral motor skills, like swallowing.

Each therapy session is delivered by one of our highly skilled therapists who focuses on working with you to help build your strength, which instills confidence, improves independence and promotes progress. Successful rehabilitation is a natural by-product of therapists and patients working together toward a common goal of getting you on the road to recovery.

What to Expect with Residential Rehabilitation

While rehabilitation plans vary by individual, the following is provided to all residential rehabilitation clients:
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    Pre-service consultation: Visit our rehabilitation center before surgery or admittance (if possible) to get the lay of the land, meet the staff and have all of your questions answered.

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    Constant connection: Internet and personal phone services keep you and your loved one in touch at all times.

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    Good communication: Each aspect and step of your rehabilitation will be clearly communicated to you and your family.

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    Nutritious food: Fresh daily food choices make it easy to meet personal preferences for meals and snacks.

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    Discharge planning: Our team will work with your family and your doctor to ensure a smooth transition home, and help ensure you have access to the services you need to maintain your independence.

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    Home evaluation: This pre-discharge evaluation helps identify potential issues and offers home modification suggestions to reduce risks and challenges.

Rehabilitation FAQs

How much does rehabilitation cost at Wellspring?

There are many factors that impact therapy costs — especially because care is tailored to the individual. It’s best to contact us or visit one of our rehabilitation centers to get details on cost.

Who is your therapy partner?

Therapy Management Inc.


Rehab at Wellspring Frankenuth

For Chuck Sanders, Wellspring Frankenmuth was his home-away-from-home for nearly three months while the rehab team worked to help him meet his rehab goals -- as well as his own personal goals.

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