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The World Has Changed.
But Our Mission Hasn’t.

So, Here We Are.

A Refreshing Change.

We made the strategic decision to refresh our logo when we were in the planning stages of the new Wellspring website. You may be wondering why envisioning a new website would cause a change. But as we thought through the work we do and the people we serve, it was clear that so much of our work is about overcoming barriers; achieving freedom; breaking cycles; and becoming your best self.

The refreshed logo represents that in a new way.

You will see the logo slowly introduced into the organization. To be a good steward of resources, we will slowly introduce our “new look” as time goes on. Great things take time!

Our new brand colors represent our Michigan heritage and the deep roots we have established throughout the state since we started serving people in 1893. We hope you will enjoy the new palette, which is inspired by the natural resources that make Michigan so special. You will begin to see the new colors in and around Wellspring soon.

A New Tagline.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “So, here we are.” It’s often used when all else fails — and out of desperation, it’s all that’s left to say: “So, here we are.”

The idea of this being a foundational part of our messaging moving forward came to us in 2019. We receive a lot of inquiries from families who are in crisis and have nowhere left to turn. Often, the desperate cry for help comes via email in the middle of the night. This specific email came to us from a daughter who was caring for her mom. She was scared. She had tried everything to keep her mom safe and home, yet felt like she could no longer do it on her own. The last line of her email said it all.

“Hello. I am interested in information on your nursing home facility. My mom has Alzheimer’s and is getting to the point where one person just can’t do it. She can still do some things on her own, but needs extra help with other things. We feel she’d do better with a little more structure. Mom owned her own beauty salon for years and did a great job raising us kids. But, we need help to help her better. So, here we are.”

You likely have felt yourself saying this over the past two years. We have all felt desperate at times as we weathered the storms — serving through this pandemic, and navigating how best to keep our families, residents, clients and loved ones safe. The messaging for this launch was meant to hit in 2020; but a pandemic hit instead and the world shut down. Timing is everything. And maybe it feels even more appropriate today than it did in 2020. Why? Because the world has changed, but our mission hasn’t.

This messaging is a response to all of the people who feel overwhelmed and alone in their current circumstances, and having nothing more to say than, “So, here we are.”

So, Here We Are.

Here we are as Wellspring — different but stronger in so many ways. And we are holding on to what we have promised families since 1893: Hope on their darkest days. The desperation of the people we serve these days is even more intense than it was in 2019. There is exhaustion, confusion and weariness. This is where we step in and offer a safe and stable place to land.

Wellspring is nothing without the people who provide exceptional service and bring hope to a community who desperately needs to know that tomorrow will be brighter than today. As you experience this brand refresh, we hope you feel a different kind of hope bubbling up in your spirit. We have an amazing opportunity to:

Change Lives. Strengthen Families. Transform Communities.

So, Here We Are.