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Meet Chapri

Joined Our Team in 2017

I took this selfie in front of one of my favorite pictures. This picture represents one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Just like the woman in the Bible, I believe that if I could just touch the hem of HIS garment, I will be healed. This pic reminds me of this.

“There have been many best days at Wellspring, but one that stands out is from the FAP program. On a home visit, one of the case aides discovered that a family with five or six children did not have a refrigerator. The family was storing food in a cooler on their front porch. This was during the height of the pandemic. With the assistance of the entire FAP team, we were able to get that family a refrigerator in less than two days and it arrived the day before Thanksgiving.”

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    Supervisor, Oakman Place
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    I am an only child, yet the mother of 10.
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    I am left handed.
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    I love to dance.
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    I love reading.

The world has changed. Our mission hasn’tSo, here we are.